Experience the dance that has a rich history of 400 years! It showcases the beauty of Japan’s seasons and artistic expressions!
The incorporation of live music and the celebration of accomplished dancers add to the depth and authenticity of your experience.

Japanese Traditional Dance: A Celebration of Culture and Art
For over 400 years, Japanese traditional dance has flourished as an integral part of the nation’s cultural heritage. Honed by generations of Japanese artists, this dance form reflects the historical evolution and climatic beauty of the country, encapsulating the essence of four seasons.
Hanagata : This stage is a testament to the mastery achieved by domestic award-winning dancers accompanied by live performances of the Samisen and percussion. The stage comes alive with the vibrant energy and spirit of these accomplished dancers.

“Creation Tradition”

HANAGAT inherits the arts and techniques preserved by our predecessors, including Japanese dance, Nagauta, Ohayashi, costumes and hair, and continues to transmit authentic performing arts to the next generation.

Rather than shying away from traditional performing arts as “old-fashioned”, we would like to aim for performances that everyone can relate to and interact with as “Japan’s proud culture.”